Available Services

Virtual Job Fair

The time has gone when we organize Job Fair in a Big ground and job seeker needs to wait in a long queue to fill up the form and then waiting till his/her interview time! With Profism’s top notch technological brilliance, you can easily organize Virtual Job Fair. This will help organizer save in different costs like Ground, decoration, man power, paper, etc. It also helps save paper and plastic for the betterment of environment. Eligible candidates within less time and proceed with personal interview at respective companies.

Online Aptitude

In modern world the speed is everything. Every small, medium or large organization follow the first step in recruitment through Aptitude Test as it very necessary to check calibre of candidate before hiring. Taking the Aptitude test online makes your company look more technological advanced and saves the cost of paper printing, man power and space cost. With our advanced features like creating your own test, duration & marks, you can setup online test within 10 minutes!

Video Interview

After Video Calling feature on Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Instagram, etc it is very common to connect with person remotely. Skype has started video calling service first to connect Business professionals from around the globe. Profism Video Interview has special features like Interview Slot Generation, Save full Interview*, Audio & Chat enabled along with Video calling, Live Video Broadcast with your Company Logo & more at very affordable rates.

Resource Sharing

Resource Sharing is Flagship service from Profism. Ever imagined that as Business owner one might struggle some days with overload or underload! So presenting the best ever solution from Profism Technology where you can Share or Acquire resources with same segment small or medium organizations. This service will help you find quality resources as company employees will be more suitable instead of freelancers. After completing your work, payment will be transferred and you can give rating of their work! Or you can earn by listing your free resources.

Campus Recruitment

Campus placements are evergreen placement type for acquiring good talent at affordable investment. Spending time, money & man power will be little costly for a small, medium or large organization sometimes. So Profism is presenting the solution of Campus Recruitment through Profism portal and College Association where Profism executives will follow the directed procedures of recruitment on your behalf and get you the most talented candidates by shortlisting all who appeared for the same.

Company Subscription

For Small, Medium or Large Organizations Profism has combined discounted Packages which can be used as best Recruitment medium. All Individual Recruitment Services will be combined in this Plan at Discounted rate so that Organizations can Search, Manage, Recruit Potential Candidate or Share Resources. You can host Virtual job fairs or can take unlimited online tests. Also you can avail special benefit of verification services such as background, certificate or crime.

Resume Generation

Effective representation of your work & achievements is very much important today to qualify for good position in corporates. We help candidates generate their Resumes via Profism portal for FREE! Yes, User can submit his/her details on the portal and by simply clicking on Generate Resume button, he/she will be eligible for downloading Resume.

Video Resume Creation

Due to lack of time, Recruiters/HR like the idea of being quick. As part of speeding up process, Profism presents Video Resume instead of Document which is easy & quick to go through. With the help of Video Resume Recruiters can save time on reading and also get the idea of personality and communication skill of candidate in 30 seconds.