Available Services

Certificate Verification

Verification or Authentication of Degree Certificate or Certificate awarded by Local Institutions is a headache today! Continuous follow up on calls and emails to get it verified might bothers you. Profism introduces a service where you just have to upload your certificate and our Experts will get it verified for you within minimum time.

Background Verification

Hiring an Experienced Employee for your organization? Without checking employee's background can put you in deep trouble. You never know the reason behind leaving his/her last job or his/her family and corporate history! With Profism BAckground Verification, You can get the best result in minimum time span with accuracy up to 95%.

Crime Verification

Verification of Crime records of a person is very necessary in Recruitment process. It helps you keeping secure your workplace. Profism crime verification helps your organization hire perfect and clean employees with our advanced monitoring system in minimum possible time.